Your Lawyer’s Qualifications & the
Judge’s Support

The lawyers in this program are experienced in family law, consumer law, or real estate law . They have specialized training in helping people like you who want to save money and do a lot of the work themselves.

Our lawyers have been qualified by our Bar Association. We only refer you to an attorney who has the experience to help you with this program.

Remember, when you go to court, the judge that hears your case cannot give you legal advice, other than to suggest that you may need a lawyer to help you out.

The court (or the “judge”) wants to encourage people like you to get as much legal assistance as you need to protect your rights. The judge knows that you’ll do a better job of presenting the important information if you’ve been coached by an attorney.

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If you still have questions after reviewing this program, or you want us to find you a lawyer, call:

(925) 825-5700


Limited Scope Representation

This means that you are using a limited amount of your attorney’s time to help you with your family law legal matter—in order to save money. Your attorney determines (or “scopes out”) what you need to do, and what you can do, to successfully represent yourself in court.


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