Are You Having a Fee Dispute with Your Lawyer?

You have received your attorney’s bill, and you disagree with the amount you were charged. You tried discussing this fee with your lawyer—but you don’t seem to be communicating and you are thinking of taking him or her to court.

You don’t have to take your lawyer to court to settle your fee disagreement. There is an alternative. It’s called the Fee Arbitration Program.

This program helps you resolve your disagreement without taking your lawyer to court. Court can be expensive and stressful and take up a lot of your time.

The Fee Arbitration Program helps hundreds of people in the community resolve fee disputes every year. Participate!

  • Image of book Fee Arbitration Advice for Clients of California Attorneys
    Written especially for the consumer, this article addresses the following issues:
    Part I: Why is my attorney's bill so high?
    Part II: Help, I'm having a fee dispute with my attorney!
    Part III: How do I prepare for a fee arbitration hearing?


Fee Arbitration Program

The Fee Arbitration Program is designed to help you resolve a fee dispute with your attorney without going to court.

The lawyers and other professionals involved in this program have a strong commitment toward assisting the public. They have volunteered their time and expertise to help you resolve your fee dispute without going to court.

There is an administrative fee to file your request and documentation, but going to court is certain to cost much more. Save time, money and hassle. Participate!


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