Steps & Documentation

  • Rules of Procedure: Download the rules of our Fee Arbitration and Mediation Program. Review the table of contents to find the issue you are looking for.

  • These are the steps you must complete to participate in our Fee Arbitration Program.

    1. You must download and fill out this form to begin your request for arbitration.
      Request by Client for Arbitration of a Fee Dispute Fill in all requested fields. Follow the instructions to submit your documentation.
    2. If you want to try “Fee Mediation” first, check the box where indicated. You must also fill out the following form:
      Agreement to Mediate
    3. If you also agree to “Legally Binding Arbitration”, check the box where indicated, then complete the form below.
      Agreement for Legally Binding Arbitration
    4. If you agree to “Non-binding Arbitration”, then please check the appropriate box where indicated, and you do not need to fill out an additional form.
    5. Mail your completed documents and four (4) copies to:

      CCCBA Fee Arbitration Program
      2300 Clayton Road, Suite 520
      Concord CA 94520

      Your administrative fee (check or money order) should be made out to CCCBA, or you may pay by credit card using this form:
      Credit Card Payment Form:
      You only need to send us one completed copy of this form. It is for our office use only.

      You can find out what your fee is in Your Administrative Fee for Filing a Request.

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    What Happens After You Mail Your Documentation?

    Once we receive your documentation your request is mailed to your lawyer, and the lawyer is given 30 days to file a response. You will receive a copy of this letter.

    If you have agreed to Fee Mediation first, and if your lawyer also agrees to mediate first, then a mediator will be assigned and a mediation hearing scheduled.

    If you have indicated that you do not agree to Mediation, an arbitrator will be assigned, and an arbitration hearing scheduled.

    Once the lawyer’s response is received, you will receive a letter from us advising you of your next steps.

    Contact Us

    Once you have thoroughly reviewed all the information available in this section, please call us with additional questions that you may have.

    Emily Day
    Fee Arbitration Program Coordinator
    Phone: (925) 370-2541


    Fee Arbitration Program

    The Fee Arbitration Program is designed to help you resolve a fee dispute with your attorney without going to court.

    The lawyers and other professionals involved in this program have a strong commitment toward assisting the public. They have volunteered their time and expertise to help you resolve your fee dispute without going to court.

    There is an administrative fee to file your request and documentation, but going to court is certain to cost much more. Save time, money and hassle. Participate!


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