Solo Practice & Small Firm Section

The Solo Practice & Small Firm Section—launched in 1996—evolved from the recognition that many sole and small firm practitioners desired and at times needed the camaraderie, intellectual stimulation, and informational exchange that attorneys generally find in larger law firms. By having consistent networking and fellowship opportunities, the Section has evolved into a collegial organization resembling a “firm,” with specialists in various fields both willing and able to offer assistance to other Section members.

A partnership with JFKU Law School allows members to have cost-effective and convenient access to legal resources through full use of the JFKU Law Library, and we admit JFKU Law School students to the Section.

Solo Practice & Small Firm Section members also receive an email newsletter, The Maverick, informing them of upcoming events and providing topical articles and a forum for comment and commentary. Members also have access to an email listserv.

The Section hosts after-work mixers and breakfasts in alternating months, and we participate in the Bar’s MCLE Spectacular each November. Our monthly meetings are open to both members and non-members. Our MCLE Spectacular programs have included panel discussions on how to open a law firm and how to prepare a small firm for death, disability, and disaster.


Chris Schneider
Dorband and Schneider, LLP
1280 Civic Drive
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Phone: (925) 938-1200

Board Members

Heidi Coad-Hermelin
Phone: (925) 228-6500

David Pearson
Phone: (925) 287-0051

Ann M. Dalsin
Phone: (925) 933-9009

William A. Hickey
Phone: (925) 957-1133

Andrew McCall
Phone: (925) 937-9373


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