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Contra Costa County Bar Association (CCCBA)
Launches a Website for the 21st Century User

The CCCBA Board of Directors voted early last year to completely redesign its website after experiencing solid growth since its first website was launched in 1997. After nine months of strategic research and development, the new website is now live.

MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA, April 19, 2010 — CCCBA launched its new website today geared toward the professional and personal needs of its Contra Costa lawyers and members of the community.

The primary goal of the Board was to provide information and services geared toward the demanding needs of 21st century users. The new site touts better paths to information, content that is easily browsed, services and programs that impart clear value and steps, an application and calendar that allow members to manage personal profiles and MCLE credits, and an eye-catching design that is state-of-the-art.

Like all legal associations around the country, CCCBA’s core mission is to assist its lawyers and the community and to advocate on their behalf; to educate its members and the public concerning the law, the legal profession, and the judicial system; to facilitate communication both among its members, and between its members and the public; and to provide services that will support its members in their legal practice.

CCCBA launched its first website 12 years ago. Lisa Reep was Executive Director and membership was at 1,378. Today, membership has grown to over 1,700 and the Internet is a part of everybody’s daily lives.

Stephen Steinberg, from Vasquez Benisek & Lindgren LLP, and the Chair of the CCCBA Website Committee and member of the Board, says, “The Board realized we needed to develop a new website that would give our members and the larger community better tools to access CCCBA’s many programs and services.”

Lisa Reep, who continues to serve as CCCBA executive director, comments, “In order to be successful in today’s demanding economic times, we had to rethink how we did business. We had to rethink how the administrative staff interacted with our constituency and how we presented our information and services to our members and the public. Were our procedures and processes cost-effective? Do they allow us to do the best work possible for our members and for the community?”

With both the web factors and administrative factors clearly defined, the Board reviewed several proposals and hired a small team of consultants in the Bay Area to assist in the development of the website, working with a core team from CCCBA.

“After nine months and countless hours of work by our website team and the CCCBA staff, I am extremely proud of the final product. Not only does our new website meet the needs of our members and the public, but it makes us even more of a leader among local bar associations,” says Steinberg.

Find out who worked on this website with Stephen Steinberg, Lisa Reep and the CCCBA staff.

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