LRIS Steps, Agreement & Application

If you haven’t read the LRIS rules yet, please do. Then follow these four steps to join.

  1. Fill out your information in our agreement.
    LRIS Agreement
  2. Next, complete the basic application information about experience panels (categories) that you would like to join.
    LRIS Application updated 11/1/2017
  3. Some of you may choose experience panels/categories that require additional information (it is clearly noted in the above application). You’ll find experience panel applications in “Experience Panel Applications & Descriptions.”
  4. Mail your documents along with your check, or email your documents as attachments, and call us with your credit card.

Membership Fee

The annual membership fee for CCCBA members is $100.00 when you first apply, and on January 1st of each successive year.

Mail Your Documents & Check

Please include your check payable to CCCBA with all applicable forms and mail to:

Barbara Arsedo
CCCBA LRIS Coordinator
2300 Clayton Road, Suite 520
Concord, CA 94520

Email & Pay by Credit Card

Barbara Arsedo
Phone: (925) 370-2544

Any questions?

Call Barbara Arsedo at the number above. Thank you!

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