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CC Lawyer: Alternative Dispute Resolution Issue, December 2009

December 2009
CCCBA 75th Anniversary Issue [2.8MB]

  • Early History of the Contra Costa County Bar Association
    by Judge Wayne Westover (Ret.)
  • The County Bar—A Very Personal Memory
    by Ken Larson
  • Way Back When
    by Judge John C. Minney (Ret.)
  • Trivia Bowl for Access to Justice—Recap and Photos
  • Presidential Past-Times
    Contributions from Judge William O’Malley (Ret.), Bill Gagen, Suzanne Chabot, Palmer Madden, Bob Slattery, Dick Frankel, Tammy-lyn Gallerani, and Robin Pearson
  • The Robert G. McGrath American Inn of Court
    by Matt Guichard
  • Inside
    by Richard Breitwieser
  • President’s Message
    by Larry E. Cook
  • Question Man—What is your favorite legal story from the good ol’ days?
  • Pro Bono Spotlight—Maurice E. Huguet, Jr.
  • Classifieds
CC Lawyer: Alternative Dispute Resolution Issue, November 2009

November 2009
Alternative Dispute Resolution Issue [7.5MB]

  • Contra Costa Family Law ADR—We’ve Come a Long Way
    by Faith Jansen
  • More Than You Ever Wanted to Know!—Insurance Disclosure Rule Approved
    by Dick Frankel
  • Mediation and Seniors—The Perfect Match?
    by Arlene Segal
  • Alert!—Legislature Prohibits Advance Fee Retainer Agreements for Residential Mortgage Loan Modifications
    by Karl E. Geier
  • Ethical Risk Areas for Mediation
    by Linda DeBene
  • A Personal Perspective on Gender in Mediation—Keep Your Peripheral Vision Wide
    by David M. Miller
  • Inside
    by Nicole Mills
  • 2009 MCLE Spectacular!
  • Question Man—What is the most creative solution you have been part of during a mediation?
  • Pro Bono Spotlight—Thomas William Cain and the Congress of Neutrals
  • Classifieds
CC Lawyer: Bench / Bar Issue, October 2009

October 2009
Bench / Bar Issue [2.8MB]

  • 2010 Judicial Assignments and Holidays
  • Updates from the Presiding Judge and Assistant Presiding Judge
    by Hon. Mary Ann O’Malley and Hon. Diana Becton
  • 2009 Year in Review
    by Hon. John W. Kennedy; Hon. Barry P. Goode; Hon. Lois Haight; Hon. Laurel S. Brady; Non. William M. Kolin
  • Statewide Court Closures
    by Hon. Mary Ann O’Malley
  • State Budget Impact on the Court
    by Kiri Torre
  • Probable Cause Declaration System
    by Hon. Mary Ann O’Malley
  • Congratulations Justice Bruniers!
    by Matt Guichard
  • Temporary Judges—Partners in Justicw
    by Mimi Lyster
  • Using Technology to Increase Access to Justice
    by Magda Lopez
  • Volunteer Interpreters at the Family Law Courthouse
    by Kiri Torre
  • Inside
    by Kiri Torre
  • 2009 MCLE Spectacular!
  • Question Man—In light of the $7.6 million deficit cut from the state, what suggestions do you have for the court?
  • Ethics Corner
    by Carol M. Langford
  • Classifieds
Going Green, September 2009

September 2009
Going Green [4.7MB]

  • The Rush To Jump On The “Green” Bandwagon
    by Dee A. Ware
  • Professional Liability Insurance Coverage—Are Your Clients Keeping Up With New Trends In Building Green
    by William C. Ferree
  • Beware The Greenwash
    by Pippin C. Brehler
  • Certifying Your Law Office As A Green Business
    by Robin Bedell-Waite
  • We’re Redesigning Our Website—The CCCBA Is Diving Into The 21st Century!
  • Inside
    by Kristen Thall Peters
  • Question Man: What Are Your Ideas For Being Greener In Your Office?
  • Ethics Corner
    by Carol M. Langford
  • Trivia Bowl For Access To Justice In Support Of The Bar Fund Time Is Running Out! Register Today.
  • New Members
  • Classifieds
Funding Education, August 2009

August 2009
Funding Education [4MB]

  • Letter (And Response) To The Membership Of The CCCBA
    by Larry E. Cook And Ronald P. Rives
  • Inequities In California’s System Of Funding Public School Districts—Did You Know The Current Economic Crisis Impacts Some School Districts To A Far Greater Degree Than Others?
    by Paul Strange
  • Special Education—Are We Truly Taking Money Away From Others Or Is It More Costly Not To Provide Appropriate Services?
    by Roberta S. Savage
  • Parents And Attorneys In The Eye Of The Hurricane—A Personal And Unique Perspective On The Implementation Of The Individuals With Disabilities Act
    by Greg Rolan
  • Inside
    by Audrey A. Smith
  • President’s Message
    by Larry E. Cook
  • Question Man: How Should We Pay For Public Education In An Era Of Budget Cuts?
  • Ethics Corner
    by Carol M. Langford
  • Local Civil Jury Verdicts
    by Matthew P. Guichard
  • Classifieds
International Law, July 2009

July 2009
International Law [2.8MB]

  • Doing Business In The Far East—An Overview Of How Local Businesses Are Faring In 2009 As Compared With A Year Ago.
    by Richard Frankel
  • Teaching Law Overseas—A Journey Of One Attorney’s Hungarian Assignment.
    by David Elefant
  • The CCCBA Rallies To Raise Funds For The Food Bank
    by Ed Shaffer
  • Local Verdicts Guru Has International Roots—Our Local Jury Verdicts Author Recalls His Time In Denmark, While Detailing Some Differences Of Practicing International Law.
    by Matt Guichard
  • This Call May Be Monitored—What Should You Do If Your Client Calls You From Jail? It Depends…
    by David Briggs
  • Inside
    by Erika Portillo
  • What Clients Are Saying About CCCBA’s LRIS
  • Question Man: What’s The Role Of Immigration On The U.S. Economy?
  • Ethics Corner
    by Carol M. Langford
  • New Members
  • Classifieds
Real Estate Law, June 2009

June 2009
Real Estate Law [2.2MB]

  • Money Doesn’t Talk, It Swears—A Snapshot Of How The Economic Stimulus Bill Impacts The Homebuilding And Construction Industries
    by Kathleen F. Carpenter
  • The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009
    by Jim Melino
  • Commercial Unlawful Detainers—How To Avoid Evictions In A Recession
    by Geoffrey Steele
  • AB2881 One Mile Radius Farmland Disclosure Of 2009
    by Mailana Mavromatis-Broumand
  • Inside
    by Kristen Thall Peters
  • Judicial Profile: Lewis A. Davis
  • Real Estate Section Member List
  • Question Man: What Impact Do You Think The Stimulus Package Will Have On The California Economy?
  • Ethics Corner
    by Carol M. Langford
  • Classifieds
Elder Law, May 2009

May 2009
Elder Law [2.5MB]

  • MCLE Self-Study—Client Capacity Judgments And Legal Practice: Earn Some Valuable Ethics MCLE Credit While Learning How To Assess A Prospective Elderly Client’s “Capacity.”
    by Virginia George
  • Stopping Medi-Cal Eligibility Rip-Offs—A New Tool For Protecting Elders: There Is No End To The Scams Targeting Seniors, As Reported By An Attorney Who Has Authored Some Of Our Most Recent Legislative Changes.
    by Steven Riess
  • Attacking The Predators—Using Class Actions To Fight Financial Elder Abuse: A Look At Some Common Issues Of Financial Abuse And Predatory Lending From The Perspective Of Case Actions.
    by Kathryn Schofield
  • No (Easy) Exit When Conservatorships And Marital Dissolution Procedures Collide—The Similarity And Differences Of Two Cases Are Examined; One Case Difficult To Commence, While The Other Difficult To Conclude.
    by Andrew Ross
  • Inside
    by Arlene Segal
  • President’s Message
    by Larry Cook
  • Bench Talk: Elder Court
    by Hon. Joyce Cram
  • Question Man: Where Does Your Discretionary Spending Go These Days?
  • Pro Bono Spotlight: Verna Hass And Geoffrey Robinson
    by Craig Nevin
  • Ethics Corner
    by Carol M. Langford
  • New Members
  • Local Civil Jury Verdicts
    by Matthew P. Guichard
  • Classifieds
Corporate/Business Law, April 2009

April 2009
Corporate/Business Law [3.9MB]

  • The Unauthorized Practice Of Law—Advising Clients Doing Business In Multiple States? Then You Will Want To Read This Article!
    by Robert A. Hawley
  • Watch Where You Step! Common Pitfalls In Expense-Sharing Agreements A Popular Option For Many Solo Attorneys…But One Fraught With Peril!
    by Jonathan C. Watts
  • Limiting The Adverse Effects Of Employee Competition Following California’s Invalidation On Noncompetition Agreements—The Authors Provide A Thought-Provoking Overview While Offering Some Great Advice To Businesses Looking To Protect Themselves Against Employees Competing Unfairly.
    by Roger J. Brothers And Ericka L. Ackeret
  • Inside
    by David S. Pearson
  • Judicial Profile: Hon. Clare Maier
  • Question Man: Where Does Your Discretionary Spending Go These Days?
  • Ethics Corner
    by Carol M. Langford
  • Classifieds
Family Law, March 2009

March 2009
Family Law [2.5MB]

  • Thoughts On Practicing Family Law In A Depressed Market—Are We In An Economic Depression? You’ll Want To Read What This Author Has To Say!
    by David M. Lederman
  • Appraisals And Challenges In The Current Market Environment—Is Your Divorce Case Dragging On For Months? Read How The Appraisal “Update” Can Play A Pivotal Role, Among Other Factors.
    by Steve Lederer
  • The Bus And The Taxi—Should A Client Take The Bus (Public Court) Or A Taxi (Private Judging)? Each Option Has Its Advantages.
    by Judge Barry Goode And Judge Pro Tem Lee Pearce
  • The Vacation Maven—Planning A “Staycation”? This Article Provides Some Budget-Conscious Alternatives.
    by M. Sue Talia
  • Inside
    by Lee Pearce
  • Judicial Profile: Hon. Brian F. Haynes
  • Question Man: How Do You Think The Same-Sex Marriage Issue Will Eventually Be Resolved?
  • Ethics Corner
    by Carol M. Langford
  • Classifieds
The Recession And Its Affect On…, February 2009

February 2009
The Recession And Its Affect On… [2.1MB]

  • Real Estate
    by Linda Debene, Gus Kramer, Glenn H. Wechsler
  • Bankruptcy
    by David L. Katzen
  • Family
    by Joe Wolch
  • Immigration
    by Ericka Portillo
  • Employment
    by Harvey Sohnen
  • Our Local Practice
    by Matt Guichard
  • Inside
    by Mark Ericsson
  • Question Man: How Is The Recession Affecting Your Field Of Law?
  • Ethics Corner
    by Carol M. Langford
  • New Members
  • Local Civil Jury Verdicts
  • The Robert G. McGrath American Inn Of Court
  • Classifieds
Annual Bar Issue, January 2009

January 2009
Annual Bar Issue [5.2MB]

  • Meet Your Bar Association’s New Board Members…And Staff Members
  • 2009 Judicial Assignments & Holidays
  • Your CCCBA Membership—Take Advantage Of Everything We Have To Offer!
    by Lisa Reep
  • Merchant Discount Program
  • Meet Your 2009 President: Larry Cook
    by Candice Stoddard
  • 2008 Year-End Financial Report
  • Why Membership In The LRIS Makes Good Business Sense!
  • Meet Your Sections
  • Inside
    by Candice Stoddard
  • Question Man: What Was The Most Gratifying Thing That Happened To You In 2009??
  • Sustaining Law Firms
  • Classifieds

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