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Readers’ Choice Issue, December 2008

December 2008
Readers’ Choice Issue [3.3MB]

  • Whittlesey v. Aiello—Attorney Fees In Trust Litigation—An Analysis Of Whittlesey And Its Use By Practitioners.
    by Loren Barr
  • John And Fosca Zandonella Memorial Bench Dedication
  • MCLE Self-Study: Am I Drinking Too Much Is A Rhetorical Question! Gain Insight From A Recovering Alcoholic While You Earn One Hour Of Hard-To-Get Substance Abuse MCLE Credit!
    by Gary Gwilliam
  • Sanctions One And All—Haven’t Taken The Family Code’s Financial Disclosure Requirements Seriously? Then The Feldman Case Is Your Wake-Up Call.
    by Thomas H. Smith
  • The Secret—In Part 3 Of A Continuing Saga, Judge Carlton Now Confronts Legal Ethics.
    by Justice James Marchiano
  • President’s Message
    by Robin Pearson
  • Question Man: How Will 2008 Affect You In 2009?
  • Pro Bono Spotlight: The McNamara Law Firm
    by Craig Nevin
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Criminal Law Issue, November 2008

November 2008
Criminal Law Issue [6.2MB]

  • County Time—A Fond Look Back On The Life In The Criminal Justice System In The Early ’70s.
    by Gary M. Lepper
  • In Defense Of Medical Marijuana—An Analysis Of Proposition 215, From The Perspective Of The Public Defender’s Office.
    by David Coleman
  • Protecting Against The Abuse Of Medical Marijuana—Proposition 215, As Analyzed By The District Attorney’s Office
    by Jose Marin
  • The History Of Juvenile Responsibility—An Insightful Look At The Challenges Facing The Philosophy Of Juvenile Law.
    by Daniel J. Cabral
  • Life…After Public Life—Heartfelt And Humorous Accounts Of The Transition From Public Service Work To Private Practice.
    by Joe Motta And Jason Runckel
  • Inside
    by Dan O’Malley
  • Judicial Profile: Hon. Charles “Ben” Burch
  • 2008 MCLE Spectacular! Enrollment Form
  • Question Man: How Should Law Enforcement Deal With Medical Marijuana Issues?
  • Practical Advice For Everyday Lawyers—Attorney Trust Account Scam
    by David Pearson
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Election Issue, October 2008

October 2008
Election Issue [3.4MB]

  • Re-Enfranchising The Eligible Voter—Why California Should Enact A Voter ID Law
    by Kurtiss Jacobs
  • Protecting The Right To Vote—Why California Should Not Enact A Voter ID Law
    by Nicole M. Mills
  • Tread Lightly…When Considering Electoral Changes—Why The Electoral College Should Remain
    by Thomas Del Beccaro
  • The Case Against The Electoral College
    by John Barnard
  • Inside
    by Nicole M. Mills
  • President’s Message
    by Robin Pearson
  • 2008 MCLE Spectacular!
  • Question Man: Why Will You Vote In November’s Election?
  • Local Civil Jury Verdicts
    by Matthew P. Guichard
  • Robert G. McGrath American Inn Of Court
    by Matthew P. Guichard
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Bench/Bar, September 2008

September 2008
Bench/Bar [3.5MB]

  • The Contra Costa County Court Scholarship Fund
  • Update From The Presiding Judge
    by Honorable Terence L. Bruiniers
  • Proposed Operational Plan Objectives For 2008-2011
  • 2008 In Review
    by Honorable Mary Ann O’Malley
  • Civil Fast Track Constantly Evolving
    by Honorable David B. Flinn
  • The Story Is Still Torre!
    by Honorable Terence L. Bruiniers
  • It Has Been A Busy Year In Family Law
    by Honorable Barry P. Goode
  • Court Report
    by Honorable Lois Haight And Honorable William Kolin
  • Family Law Inmate Outreach Programs
    by Mary Ann Devine, Family Law Facilitator
  • New Director Of Library Services Carey Rowan
    by Honorable Susanne Fenstermacher
  • Inside
    by Ken Torre
  • President’s Message
    by Robin Pearson
  • Question Man: How Do You Think Utah’s Four-Day Workweek Would Work In California?
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Employment Law, August 2008

August 2008
Employment Law [3.4MB]

  • An Employer’s Perspective—On Severance Agreements: Pros And Cons, As Well As Technical Mistakes Are Discussed.
    by Harry M. Decourcy
  • The California Family Rights Act At Age 17—The Author Delves Into The State Of This Teenage Law.
    by Dale Brodsky
  • Deducting Attorney Fees—The Author Helps Us “Connect The Dots” In The Event The IRS Comes A Calling!
    by Mark Ericsson
  • A Conflict Of Interest—A Heartwarming Tale Of An Attorney’s Family History
    by Thomas William Cain
  • Employer Blogging/Message Boarding Policy—Does Your Client Have One?A Must-Read For Today’s Workplaces
    by Delia Isvoranu
  • Inside
    by Harvey Sohnen
  • Question Man: What Change In The Law Would You Most Like To See In The Workplace?
  • 2008 Sustaining Law Firms
  • Classifieds
Litigation, July 2008

July 2008
Litigation [4.8MB]

  • In Memoriam: John Zandonella
  • How To Get The Best Results On Your Discovery Motion In Department 60—A Litigation Attorney Outlines Vital Information That Should Benefit Every Practitioner
    by Jay Chafetz
  • Litigators And Trial Lawyers—The Changing Of The Guard: Have You Noticed A Rather Low Occurrence Of Trials Lately? Read This Article To Understand Why.
    by Matthew P. Guichard
  • Balancing The Cost Of An Expert With Obtaining The Necessary Information—Retaining A Qualified Expert Can Be Expensive. How Do You Keep Costs Reasonable Without Compromising Your Case? The Author Shares Some Important Tips.
    by Vahishta Falahati
  • Alert! For Those Deducting Over $60,000 In Mortgage Interest On Their Federal Income Tax Returns—Many People Think They Are Allowed To Deduct Their Entire Amount Of Mortgage Interest…Well, Think Again! The Author Points Out The Intricacies Of The Mortgage Interest Deduction.
    by Mark Ericsson
  • Stripping Liens—The Author Discusses A Viable Option For Property Owners To Retain Their Homes In This Market Rather Than Having To Walk Away.
    by Marlene G. Weinstein
  • The Tenth Anniversary Of The Robert G. McGrath American Inn Of Court
    by Matthew P. Guichard
  • Inside
    by Craig Nevin
  • President’s Message
    by Robin Pearson
  • New Members
  • 2008 Sustaining Law Firms
  • Local Civil Jury Verdicts
    by Matthew P. Guichard
  • Question Man: What Do You Do To Relieve The Stress Of Litigation?
  • Classifieds
Summer Reading, June 2008

June 2008
Summer Reading [3MB]

  • The Attorney-Client Life Cycle—A “How To” That Spans The Process Of Picking A Client And Writing The Fee Agreement Through Ending The Representation And Closing Your File.
    by Jerome Fishkin And Lindsay Kohut Slatter
  • Emotional Distress Damages In Mediations—A Different Time, A Different Place: Get Inside Information From One Of Contra Costa’s Esteemed Retired Judges.
    by Judge Richard S. Flier (Ret.)
  • From The Other Side Of The Jury Box—A Criminal Defense Attorney Shares Her Experience As An Alternate Juror.
    by Amanda Bevins
  • Memorial Update: Lafayette Resolves Their Sign Ordinance Issue.
    by Sharon Adams
  • JFK School Of Law: A Valuable Resource
    by Audrey Smith
  • Inside
    by Candice Stoddard
  • President’s Message
    by Robin Pearson
  • Call For Board Of Directors’ Nominations!
  • Lifestyle: Book Reviews
    by Helen Peters And Andrea O’Toole
  • Why You Should Make Referrals To CCCBA’s LRIS
  • Question Man: What Book Do You Recommend For Summer Reading?
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Real Estate, May 2008

May 2008
Real Estate [2.7MB]

  • California Foreclosures—Up, Up And Away The Topic Du Jour, This Article Reveals The Latest Stats.
    by Glenn Wechsler
  • Subprime Problems Spill Over To Commercial Real Estate—A Brief Overview Of SARE And Suggested Strategies For Both Creditors And Debtors.
    by Peter C. Califano
  • Rescission—A Buyer’s Post-Closing Remedy In A Declining Market: When Does A Buyer Have The Legal Right To Rescind Or Reverse The Transaction And Recover Its Purchase Money And Rescission Damages?
    by Michael K. Brown And Katherine Wenger.
  • In Search Of Truth In Lending—A Summary Of How The Truth In Lending Act (TILA) Impacts Consumer Credit Legislation.
    by Alan E. Ramos
  • Developments In California Easement Law—Recent Easement Cases Are Discussed.
    by Kenneth R. Styles
  • Inside
    by James A. Melino
  • President’s Message
    by Robin Pearson
  • Superior Court Judicial Profile: Judge John T. Laettner
  • Question Man: How Have You Been Able To Help People Impacted By The Current Mortgage Crisis?
  • Pro Bono Spotlight: Maeve Elise Brown
  • New Members
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Law Practice Management, April 2008

April 2008
Law Practice Management [4MB]

  • Start Here—From Office Equipment To Tips On Going To Court…Everything A Solo Or Small Firm Needs To Know To Run An Effective Practice.
    by David Pearson, Geoffrey Steele, Mark Ericsson, David Pastor, Craig Nevin, Ken Strongman, Wayne Smith, George Cabot, Dave Dacus, John Barnard And The County Court Staff
  • Should You Be Paying Overtime?Who Is Considered To Be An Employee? What Is The Appropriate Overtime Rate? What Records Must Be Kept? These And Many More Questions Are Addressed.
    by Original By Harvey Sohnen And Patricia M. Kelly, Updated By Nancy Balles
  • Personal Experiences—Three Attorneys Share Their Journeys Over The Past Decade.
    by Tammy-Lyn Gallerani, Joseph H. Wolch And Richard A. Madsen, Jr.
  • What 5th Graders Are Saying About CCCBA’s Court Tours Program
    From A Martinez 5th Grade Class Following A Court Tour Given By Scott Jenny And Lisa Reep.
  • Inside
    by David Pearson
  • President’s Message
    by Robin Pearson
  • Question Man: What Technology Could You Not Live Without In Your Office?
  • New Members
  • Local Civil Jury Verdicts
    by Matthew P. Guichard
  • Classifieds
Alternative Dispute Resolution, March 2008

March 2008
Alternative Dispute Resolution [4.3MB]

  • Binding Arbitration—Be Careful What Your Wish For
    by Gary A. Watt
  • Making The Most Of Mediation—A Summary Of Eight Attributes That Great Mediators Share
    by Ron Mullin
  • The Joint Session—The Value Of The Joint Session And How It Could Help You Settle Your Next Case
    by Wayne V. R. Smith
  • Recognizing And Validating Diversity In Mediation—Different People Bring Different Experiences, References And Understandings To The Table
    by Malcolm Sher
  • Food From The Bar 2008
    by Ed Shaffer
  • Photos From January’s CCCBA Officer Installation
  • Doing The Money Dance—How You “Make Your Moves” Is Vital To The Success Or Failure Of Your Mediation
    by Jessica Notini
  • Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Mediation Confidentiality
    by Paul Dubow
  • Bar Fund Update
  • Inside
    by Nicole Mills
  • President’s Message
    by Robin Pearson
  • Court Street: Contra Costa County ADR Options
    by Magda Lopez And Mimi Lyster
  • Question Man: What’s The Most Surprising Thing That Ever Happened In A Mediation?
  • Robert G. McGrath American Inn Of Court
    by Hon. Joyce Cram
  • Lifestyle: E. J. Phair Alehouse Restaurant Review
    by Andrea O’Toole
  • Classifieds
Family Law, February 2008

February 2008
Family Law [4.1MB]

  • Report On The Family Law Division—The Supervising Judge Of Family Law Summarizes The Major Changes For 2008.
    by Hon. Barry P. Goode
  • A Promising Partnership—Eastbay Works And The Court: A Unique Joint Venture
    by Commissioner Josanna Berkow And Susie O’Bryant
  • Divorce In The Dark Ages (Or…When I Started Out)
    by M. Sue Talia
  • The People Have Spoken! More Survey Results.
    by Kathy Schofield
  • The Lighter Side Of Jim Libbey—As The Court Prepares For The Longest Sitting Family Law Judge In The State To Retire, The Author Chronicles His Life On The Bench And Bids Him Farewell.
    by Steve Hallert
  • Inside
    by Andy Ross
  • Letters To The Editor
  • President’s Message
    by David M. Lederman
  • Bench Talk: Conversion Of SJOs
    by Hon. Terence L. Bruiniers
  • Question Man: What’s Your Most Amazing Family Law Story?
  • Lifestyle: Getting A Winning Verdict In My Personal Life
  • A Book Review By Andrea O’Toole
  • New Members
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Annual Bar Issue, January 2008

January 2008
Annual Bar Issue [4.5MB]

  • Meet Your Bar Association’s New Board Members
  • The Results Of The CCCBA Survey Are In!
  • 2008 Judicial Assignments And Holidays
  • Your CCCBA Membership—Take Advantage Of Everything We Have To Offer!
    by Lisa Reep
  • Merchant Discount Program
  • Meet Your 2008 President Robin Pearson
    An Interview By Candice Stoddard
  • 2007 Year-End Financial Report
  • Why Membership On The LRIS Makes Good Business Sense!
  • Meet Your Sections
  • Inside
    by Harvey Sohnen
  • CCCBA 2008 Membership Drive Continues
  • Question Man: What Was The Most Gratifying Thing That Happened To You In 2007?
  • Get To Know Your Local Judges!
  • Classifieds

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