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Readers’ Choice, December 2007

December 2007
Readers’ Choice [3.4MB]

  • The Big Daddy Of Civil Rights (Unruh Act) Nears 50 Years—Was Jess Unruh An Enigma Or Paradigm? The Author Tells The Real Story.
    by Edmund L. Regalia
  • Pre-Employment Screening—The Liability In A Misguided Process: Read Why The Author Feels That Failure To Properly Screen Employees Is The Single Largest Mistake Made By Corporate America Today
    by Michael F. Framé
  • Recap Of The Chief Justice Ronald M. George Pro Bono Awards Gala
  • Sheriff’s Sale Of Real Property To Enforce Money Judgments—An Outline Of The Process By Which A Money Judgment Is Enforced Through A Levy On And Sale Of Real Property
    by Kevin Eikenberry
  • The Empty Bench—In A Continuing Saga, Judge Carlton Now Confronts Mental Health
    by Justice James J. Marchiano
  • Inside
    by Harvey Sohnen
  • CCCBA 2008 Membership Drive Continues
  • The Contra Costa Lawyer Says Thanks!
  • President’s Message
    by Helen Peters
  • Court Street Turbocourt—Child Support Application Extends Services
    by George Nielsen And Caroline Kelley
  • Question Man: If You Had To Do It All Over Again, Would You Have Gone Into A Different Area Of Law?
  • New Members
  • Local Civil Jury Verdicts
    by Matthew P. Guichard
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Debtors, Creditors And Bankruptcy, November 2007

November 2007
Debtors, Creditors And Bankruptcy [3.4MB]

  • Heads Up For Creditors In Chapter 13—An Outline Of The Changes To The Discharge In Chapter 13
    by David A. Arietta
  • Registered Domestic Partners—Creditor’s Remedies, Debtor’s Rights And Bankruptcy: A Summary Of The Effect Of California’s Domestic Partner Rights And Responsibility Act Of 2003 On Creditor’s Remedies And Bankruptcy Issues.
    by Robert F. Kidd
  • Automatic Stay Of Bankruptcy—Changes Under BAPCPA That Affect Landlord/Tenant Practice The Author Unravels Two New Provisions Of The Automatic Stay Section Of The Bankruptcy Code
    by C. Randall Bupp
  • Employee Retention In The Smaller Chapter 11 Case—Ways To Retain Employees In Smaller Chapter 11 Cases Or Any Business Having Financial Problems
    by John Barnard
  • The Real Estate Market And Bankruptcy—The Authors Discuss The Real Estate Crisis And Bankruptcy
    by David M. Sternberg And Marlene G. Weinstein
  • Inside
    by Marlene G. Weinstein
  • CCCBA 2008 Membership Drive Begins
  • Bench Talk: A Non-Bankruptcy Attorney’s Road Map To The Oakland Bankruptcy Court
    by Hon. Leslie Tchaikovsky
  • 2007 MCLE Spectacular!
  • Pro Bono Spotlight: The Law Offices Of David M. Lederman
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Criminal Law Issue, October 2007

October 2007
Criminal Law Issue [2.9MB]

  • Reform Arrives—California Juvenile Corrections: An Optimistic Look At The Dramatic Juvenile Justice Reform Provisions
    by Jonathan Laba
  • Behavioral Health Court—Addressing The Treatment Needs Of Non-Violent Mentally Ill Offenders
    by Brian Haynes
  • Public Welfare—Criminal Offenses Are Alive And Well
    by Lon Wixson
  • The Word From A Court Yet More Supreme—The U.S. Supreme Court Has Repeatedly Reversed The California Supreme Court In Recent Years. Three Such Cases That Illustrate This Trend Originated In Our County.
    by David Coleman
  • Inside
    by Ron Boyer
  • Bench Talk
  • 2007 Court Scholarship Awards
    by Luana Horstkotte
  • Question Man: What’s The Answer To Prison Overcrowding?
  • 2007 MCLE Spectacular!
  • Attorney Spotlight—Ken McCormick
  • New Members
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Annual Bench/Bar Issue, September 2007

September 2007
Annual Bench/Bar Issue [3.6MB]

  • Contra Costa Bench/Bar Collaborations
    by Presiding Judge Terence L. Bruiniers
  • 2007 In Review
    by Assistant Presiding Judge Mary Ann O’Malley
  • 2008 Judicial Assignments
  • Education & Training Division—An Introduction By The Court’s First Director Of This Division
    by Gregory M. Caskey
  • Implementing New Conservatorship Laws—The Impact Of New Legislation On Conservatorship Law
    by Comm. Don Edward Green
  • Continuity Of Operations Plan—An Overview Of The Court’s Comprehensive Disaster Planning Guide.
    by Bill Darden
  • Inside
    by Ken Torre
  • President’s Message
    by Helen Peters
  • Question Man: How Did The 1995 Court Fires Affect You?
  • Court Report Updates From Richmond, Juvenile And Walnut Creek
    by Judges John H. Sugiyama, Lois Haight And William M. Kolin
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Employment Law, August 2007

August 2007
Employment Law [3.9MB]

  • The Good…Not The Bad And The Ugly—Plaintiff’s Motions In Limine.
    by Stuart I. Goldware
  • Five Must-Have Employment Defense Motions In Limine
    by Michael E. Brewer
  • Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training For Supervisors—A Close Look At The Details Of How This Legislatively Mandated Training Is Implemented.
    by Andrea Kelly Smethurst
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution And Prevention: Trying A Different Approach Instead Of Focusing On Damage Control, Consider Coaching!
    by Michele S. Lane
  • Inside
    by Harvey Sohnen
  • President’s Message
    by Helen Peters
  • Judicial Profile: Hon. Nancy Davis Stark
  • First Annual Moderate Means Program Appreciation Reception
  • Question Man: What Was The Most Memorable/Outrageous Job Interview In Which You’ve Participated?
  • Pro Bono Spotlight: Joshua Genser And Len Watkins
  • Lifestyle: Bo’s Barbecue & Catering Review
  • Classifieds
Immigration, July 2007

July 2007
Immigration [2.8MB]

  • The H-1B Program Is A Sinking Ship, Does Anyone Have A Lifeboat? An Overview Of Options For U.S. Employers As A Result Of This H-1B Visa Program Crisis.
    by Amy T. Lee
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) 2005—Expanded Immigration Remedies Available For Victims Of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault And Other Crimes Are Discussed.
    by Shawn Roberts
  • A Perspective On The Direction Of Immigration Policy—The U.S. Immigration Policy As Viewed By A Foreign Legal Consultant
    by Ericka Portillo Mercado
  • Inside
    by Matthew P. Guichard
  • President’s Message
    by Helen Peters
  • Question Man: How Would Your Tomorrow Be Different If All Illegal Immigrants Stopped Working?
  • New Members
  • Lifestyle: Dim Sum Review
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Hot Topics, June 2007

June 2007
Hot Topics [3MB]

  • On The Road With Soul Of Justice: Thelton Henderson’s American Journey—The Attorney/Filmmaker Summarizes Why She Made This Must-See Film.
    by Abby Ginzberg
  • MCLE Self-Study: Getting Help When You Need It—If Lawyers Have Personal Problems, Who Should They Call For Professional Consultation And Help? Learn About This Important Program And Receive An Hour Of The Hard-To-Get Substance Abuse MCLE Credit Too!
    by Richard Carlson
  • It’s Time To Re-Examine The State Of Civil Litigation In California—A Thought-Provoking Overview By Court Of Appeal Presiding Justice—First Appellate District, Div., Four.
    by Justice Ignazio J. Ruvolo
  • How Can Bill Clinton’s Home State Help You With Medi-Cal Liens? A Look At Arkansas Department Of Health And Human Services (ADHS) Et Al V. Ahlborn.
    by Scott Sumner
  • President’s Message
    by Helen Peters
  • CCCBA’s Never-Annual Mexico Seminar Is Back!
  • Question Man: What Facilities And Amenities Do You Believe Should Be Incorporated In The New East County Courthouse?
  • Lifestyle: 12th Annual Comedy Night At The Back Forty Texas BBQ
    by Ed Shaffer And Geoffrey Steele
  • Local Civil Jury Verdicts
    by Matthew P. Guichard
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