Deer Valley High School
Law Academy Committee

Our Law Academy encompasses a theme-based, college preparatory curriculum and extensive extracurricular and academic support programs.

The Academy was approved by the district and is supported in part through funding from the Irvine Foundation.

The curriculum includes three elements:

  • law-related content embedded in required courses in English, Social Studies, Math and Science
  • law-specific elective courses such as Constitutional Law and Criminal Justice
  • work-based learning throughout the four years of study

The program serves the diverse student body in the district. The Academy enrolled its first 100 ninth-grade students in the fall of 2009, and will grow to 400 students in four years.

The Academy:

  • creates a source of engagement for students who are “falling between the cracks.” Academy-style, school-within-a-school themed education has been remarkably successful in bridging the achievement gap and increasing high graduation and college-going rates
  • provides a rigorous course of study that prepares students for work and college
  • creates what Irvine has called “multiple pathways” to success so that students can learn about and pursue opportunities that they would not otherwise be exposed to and set and work toward career and college goals
  • provides a positive understanding of the legal system and its role in society, enhancing civic education for citizenship and enhancing community service and civic engagement
  • provides students with lawyer role models and mentors who can teach, inspire, and support students to college and career pathways
  • Why Should You Volunteer?

    Workplace learning opportunities and in-class instruction by legal professionals are part of the Academy’s curriculum. The need for these will increase as students advance through the four-year curriculum.

    Contact Us

    If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with the Academy, please contact:

    Anne Wolf
    Phone: (925) 370-2540

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