Renew Your Membership With CCCBA


If you are a FORMER MEMBER who after an absence wants to renew, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Jenny Comages at (925) 370-2543 or email her at She will reactivate your Membership Profile.

We are proud of what we have been able to do and we could not have done it without you.

**Thank you for your continued membership**

Three easy ways to renew your membership:

  • Renew online today. Simply review your current profile and update if necessary.
  • Renew over the phone. Call our Membership Coordinator at (925) 370-2543.
  • Renew by mail. Printed statements will be mailed the first week of December. Fill out the statement and return with your payment to:

    Attn: Jennifer Comages
    2300 Clayton Rd., Suite 520
    Concord, CA 94520

NOTE: If you have been a member of the CCCBA in the past and wish to REJOIN, please contact Jennifer Comages at (925) 370-2543 or .

Renewal Resources

Online Member Profile Assistance

A Note on Sustaining Law Firms

CCCBA maintains a list of Sustaining Law Firms that support us by maintaining a 100% membership in CCCBA by their attorneys.

Sustaining Law Firms: Get a list of our current sustaining law firms and read about how we recognize each of them.

To apply for recognition as a Sustaining Law Firm, send an email to our Membership Coordinator that includes a complete list of your attorneys. Please confirm that all of your attorneys are members and/or have applied for membership.

Jennifer Comages
Membership Coordinator
Phone: (925) 370-2543

We will verify your information and send you a confirming email or letter.

Thank You!

We appreciate the support we receive from all of our members and our Sustaining Law Firms, and we thank you in advance for joining or renewing.

Your generous commitment helps CCCBA to continue to provide valuable services to our members and to the community.

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