CCCBA’s Criminal Conflict Program

Participating in our Criminal Conflict Program (CCP) is a great way for you to gain valuable legal experience by representing indigent criminal defendants.

Experienced probate attorneys can enhance their experience and assist those in need by representing individuals in probate, guardianship and conservatorship matters.

CCP exercises the Court’s delegated discretion to select qualified attorneys for appointment when the Public Defender and Alternate Defender are not available.

Selection is based upon a rotational system, providing equal access to appointments by all attorney members.

CCP also has the additional purpose of maintaining a high standard of practice by member attorneys, and to assist member attorneys in the maintenance and improvement of their law practices.

What Is the Compensation?

CCP compensates these attorneys at court rates pursuant to fee schedules established in its funding contracts.

Fees range from $65.00 per hour for misdemeanor matters to $155.00 per hour for top-level felony cases.

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Get the Rules, Regulations & Qualifications

Only licensed attorneys with primary offices in Contra Costa County are eligible to apply.

Attorneys with no prior criminal law experience may qualify to represent clients accused of misdemeanor criminal law matters. More experienced criminal law attorneys may apply to represent clients in felony matters.

Attorneys applying to represent clients in probate and guardianship matters must have been licensed to practice for at least five years, and must have a certain amount of specific experience in these practice areas.

CCP Rules, Regulations & Qualifications: Get more details.

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How to Apply, Supplemental Documents & Insurance;
Annual Renewal Application

  1. CCP Annual Renewal Application

    CCP General Application

    Complete all relevant portions of the application, and check off your chosen supplements for each appointment rotation.

  2. For the supplement boxes you checked off in step #1, download and fill out the applicable document: Criminal/Juvenile Delinquency Supplement Juvenile Dependency Immigration Supplement Probate Guardianship Supplement Conservatorship Supplement Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions Witness Representation

    You must also submit a copy of the following certification with your application for Conservatorship and/or Guardianship matters. Certification for Conservatorship/Guardianship

  3. You must also obtain a copy of the “Declarations Page” from your insurance carrier as proof of insurance. No substitute for the declarations page will be accepted.
  4. Mail all required documents, including a check payable to the Criminal Conflict Program (the amount is specified in your application), to the address below.

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What Happens Next

Once you mail us the application and supplement forms, your proof of insurance, your witness representation declaration, and your fee, your documents will be reviewed by the CCP Committee.

The Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month except in August.

Applications must be received no later than the previous Thursday to be included in the meeting agenda, and you will be notified promptly of the Committee’s decision.

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Contact Info & Mail Your Documents

Contra Costa County Bar Association
Criminal Conflict Program
820 Main St., Suite 1
Martinez, CA 94553

Phone: (925) 229-4410

You may obtain hard copies of the documents on this page by visiting us in person.

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CCP Investigator, Exception and Outside Services Request Forms

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CCP Criminal Treatment Program Form

Criminal Treatment Program Form

Criminal Conflict Program Committee

CCP Committee Agendas and Minutes

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