Client Relations

Our CCCBA Client Relations Committee offers assistance to clients and their attorneys who are having trouble communicating, if the attorney involved practices law in Contra Costa County.

Our committee reviews and responds to all submitted complaints such as, but not limited to:

This committee does not assist in fee disputes. See “Are You Having a Fee Dispute?” in this section for more information on fee disputes.

Once the committee receives a “Client Request for Assistance” mailed to us by your client, we do the following:

No client is charged a fee for this service, and no personal appearance is required by you or by your client.

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What the committee cannot do:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Theresa Hurley
Phone: (925) 370-2548

Your Clients: Community Section Spotlight

Client Relations: Our Community web pages provide immense value to our community members—your clients—who are navigating the legal system. This section offers details about resolving general communication problem with you.

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