Bar Committees: General Operations


General operation of CCCBA, including:

  • direction and supervision of Bar Executive Director
  • general coordination with CCCBA Sections
  • general coordination with CCCBA committees
  • liaison with State Bar Association(s)
  • coordination with other county bar associations
  • Media/Public Relations matters
  • liaison with government agencies and public officials
  • recommendations on dues with consultation of membership committee

Chair: Phil Andersen


Updates Bylaws and Board policies to ensure compliance with IRS and other legal requirements.

Chair: Elva Harding


  • interviews and reviews qualifications and independence of CCCBA financial auditors
  • selects Independent Accountant and provides scope of work
  • reviews adequacy of internal controls systems
  • provides oversight on integrity of financial statements and reports
  • reports directly to Board of Directors, at least annually

Chair: Laura Ramsey

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Oversees all financial matters for CCCBA, including:

  • operating and capital budgets
  • borrowings and capital planning
  • material contracts and leases
  • preparation of revenue and expense budgets
  • business plan development and implementation
  • facilities and equipment
  • investment funds management in accordance with Board approved investment policies

Chair: Wendy McGuire Coats

Nominating (Directors)

Responsible for nomination of slate of Board of Directors.

Chair: James Wu

Nominating (Officers)

Responsible for nomination of slate of officers (other than the President).

Chair: Phil Andersen

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Oversees staff personnel issues and policies for CCCBA.

Chair: Michelle Ferber

Conference of California Bar Associations

Participates in State Bar annual meetings and conferences.

Co-Chair: Chelsea Dunton

Co-Chair: Mary Grace Guzman

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